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A huge solar farm between Toowoomba and

Canigou Capital and our local Australian partner ITP, are developing town-scale solar farm projects around regional Australia. Individual projects are in the range of 5MW and are connected to the local distribution network, rather than the long-distance transmission network, which is more cost effective. The scale of each project is designed to match current and projected future demands for electricity (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial) within a given community. This means that the clean energy generated will be used locally. When choosing sites, we consider a variety of factors, including proximity to good quality network infrastructure, Council and State zoning restrictions, topography, and vegetation. Road access and availability of labour are also important considerations.

Why solar in Australia?

Studies define the most favourable belt for solar energy production to be between 15°N/S and 35°N/S. These regions have the greatest amount of solar radiation, more than 90% of which falls directly because of limited cloud coverage and rainfall.

Almost 90% of Australia's territory lies perfectly within the latitudes of 15°S and 35°S, meaning that it is one of the few countries that lie almost entirely within the most favourable sun belt on the planet. It receives twice as much solar radiation as Germany.

According to Geoscience Australia, an Australian Government Agency, it is estimated that Australia’s total potential solar output is around 10,000 times the nations annual usage, but only 5% of demand, about 12 GW is currently utilised.

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