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Canigou Biogas

Developing projects in Europe

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We have been working with biogas projects in Germany for the past two years and we are just about to launch our biogas pipeline which has 6 projects, all in Germany. Biogas is produced in a biogas plant using anaerobic digestion. The microbes housed within the plant digest organic waste and via fermentation create biomethane. Biomethane is an alternative to natural gases and in countries, such as Germany, with a national gas grid can be pumped into the grid. Equally biomethane can be used as an alternative to fuel for transportation or for heating. There is also some solid waste produced from the fermentation process which can be used as an alternative for pesticides in agriculture. Biogas plants are thought to be a positive step towards a circular economy. This is because they are sustainable, they are a waste disposal solution as well as a source of renewable energy. The waste used is mainly agricultural waste such as manure or vegetable waste, however they can also be used to digest sewage or food waste. They take up very little space compared to a wind or solar park and they don’t produce any carbon emissions. 


Our current projects are based in rural areas based on the nature of the waste used to power the biogas plants. We aim to enter into partnerships with farmers who have an existing source of organic waste, such as poultry farms. We do not encourage maize plantation specifically for biogas fuel. As this can take away land that has previously been used to grow crops for human consumption. Currently Canigou only has project in Germany, as they are the leading country world-wide for Biogas use and they have already implemented the infrastructure needed to use the biomethane on a commercial scale. Biogas production plays an essential part in Germany’s targets to become carbon neutral by 2050. By 2019 Germany already produced 38% of their energy from renewable sources. However, Germany’s success in biogas use is paving the way for other European countries to start using biogas. We are looking to expand our German pipeline as well as look for potential projects in rural France, Spain or the UK where the use of biogas is slowly starting to grow. 

Our Biogas Projects

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Canigou BGG

Canigou BGG has partnered with a local developer and we will develop a minimum of six projects. We will commit funding to the projects only when a lease or purchase options have been agreed with a land owner, and we will work to progress them all the way to Ready To Build (RTB) status.  Canigou BGG Ltd. will initially develop two projects with the developer and take these to RTB stage. Once these first two projects are sold at the end of year one, the sale proceeds will be reinvested into four additional projects which will also be developed to RTB stage and sold. 

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