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Our Divisions

The company has four divisions which are split by technology and geography. Each division operates across the value chain from greenfield development through to operations and asset management building the pipeline in each geographic area and technology. Operationally these are Canigou Australian Solar Energy (CASE), Canigou Organic Recycling Europe (CORE), Canigou American PV Energy (CAPE) and Canigou European Solar Energy (CESE).


Canigou Organic Recycling Europe

Frankfurt, and London


Project Team: The CORE project team consists of professionals with development and management experience in the biogas field. The team have had notable positions with Siemens AG, Schmack Biogas AG, Anaegeria Corp, and have expertise in building and managing over 250 biogas plants in Europe. 


Our German project manager is an expert in complex transactions and strategic corporate management. Since 1993 he has provided advice and support at board and management level to companies operating on an international scale.  With a focus on industries and companies that offer a high level of innovation and are positioned in dynamic markets, he has many years of experience in business and project development. 

Canigou European Solar Energy 

Frankfurt, Perpignan, and London

Project Team: Our European solar team have over 35 years of development experience in solar energy and a strong background in innovation and research with hundreds of solar projects developed, designed and implemented in that time. 


Their experience includes the entire breadth of the solar development detailed project design, electrical network modelling and provision of specialist engineering expertise, as well as installation review and commissioning.

Canigou American PV Energy 



Project Team: The USA project team have developed renewable energy assets and have been on the leading edge in the development, financing, construction and operation of close to $1 Billion of utility, commercial, and industrial solar, wind, and energy storage assets. 


They have been involved in entrepreneurial solar, energy storage and wind start-ups in new domestic and international markets for Dow Solar, RES Group (subsidiary of Sir Robert McAlpine Group), Siemens Gamesa and Soltage. Experience in international markets in Canada, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and St. Lucia. 

Canigou Australian Solar Energy 

Sydney and Canberra

Project Team: the Australian project team have over 30 years of international experience with over 1,000 projects completed. They have been active in Australia and the Pacific region for over 10 years and have almost 1,000MWp of projects under development. They have expertise in engineering, development and construction of solar systems and are respected specialists in low-voltage electrification at the village and town scales.

Their experience includes the entire spectrum of the energy sector value chain, specifically, detailed project design, electrical network modelling and provision of specialist engineering expertise, installation review and commissioning, as well as ongoing asset management, operations and maintenance services and quality assurance.

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