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The company has four operational divisions or platforms which are split by technology and geography. Each platform operates across the value chain from greenfield development through to operations and asset management adding value in each geographic area and technology. 

Canigou Organic Recycling Europe
Frankfurt and London

The UK alone produces 220m tonnes of total waste each year. Our solutions for treating waste include the Pyrolysis of old car tyres, anaerobic digestion of manure and the treatment of black bag waste with autoclaves. 

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City Traffic

Canigou American PV Energy

A secured pipeline of up to 1.5GWp of solar projects in Colorado and New Mexico. The projects are all contained on a single land area owned by one land owner. The site averages over 300 days of sunshine and has less than 14 inches of rain per year. It is located in the region of highest photovoltaic solar resources in the US.

Road to Monument Valley
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Canigou Australian Solar Energy
Sydney and Canberra

Opera House at Sunset

Developing town-scale solar farm projects around regional Australia. Individual projects are in the range of 5MWp and are connected to the local distribution network, rather than the long-distance transmission network, which is more cost effective. 

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Canigou European Solar Energy
Frankfurt, Perpignan, and London

Currently focusing on France, notably the south of France as a prime location for solar sites. The French government are aiming to decrease the use of fossil fuels and establish 33.6GW of solar power by 2028, up from 10GW achieved in Q1 of 2020. 

Barcelona Monument
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