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Canigou 1GWp Sunbear project in Colorado receives FONSI from the BIA WAPA and moves one step closer to NTP.


Canigou Group are a global leader in renewable energy. We are active throughout Europe, Australia and North America where we work with partners at the local level to provide a holistic solution. Our partnership model enables us to bring together a range of skills and experience in order to deliver projects that yield the best results. We are passionate about building strong and meaningful relationships with our partners and strive to create a culture of collaboration and trust. 


Enabling the transition to the Net Zero Carbon


 Sustainable Economy through long-term strategies


6.4GW in core markets on four continents


5 offices in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

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Over 110 years of collective leadership experience in renewable energy

Long Term 

Committed to projects during the whole life-cycle

Hydrogen energy storage gas tank with solar panels, wind turbine and energy storage contai

Beyond Solar & Wind

We are aiming to create innovative green technologies. Green hydrogen is an exciting and rapidly developing source of green energy that could be a key player in carbon neutrality. Focusing on green hydrogen in the US, we are aiming to create a sustainable, affordable, and reliable source of green hydrogen for the US market. We are striving to make green hydrogen an accessible commodity for everyone across the United States and beyond.

Information Hub

Keeping up to date with industry trends

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Hybrid Solar and Wind

Spain is seeing a continued resurgence in the development of its Renewable Energy generation targets in line with the targets set by the European Union. Having overcome the error of retrospective price changes to energy contracts in the early 2000’s, the renewed emphasis has brought with it a ....


Power Purchase Agreements

A PPA is a contractual arrangement between a power plant owner (seller) and a consumer (buyer) for the procurement of power and its attributes.  The parties agree the amount of electricity for a predetermined price over a specific period.  The agreement sets out the rights and obligations of ...



Agrivoltaics has been around since the 1980’s but only recently has it begun to re-emerge as a viable option for power generation. This is due to land scarcity and climate related issues affecting food production. The concept of agrivoltaics had the goal of finding a way to combine the production of ...



Battery storage is an essential part in making the most of solar PV installations, as it allows any excess energy produced to be stored for a later application.  Utility scale battery technology is a rapidly emerging technology in the USA.  This use of batteries is growing in the US, as solar PV is becoming increasingly ...

Spacious Office


Canigou Group Roles

We are a talented and diverse team around the world, working together to fight climate change and impact our planet. 

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