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Pinto is a US solar panel manufacturer, situated in the heart of the US in Colorado. Pinto will be manufacturing 1,000MW/Yr. of solar PV modules, once fully operational and will start to take orders from Q1 2024 for Q12026.

Pinto Production

2 customisable lines

500MW/yr each production line

Focusing on utility scale module production with TOPcon n-type cells

Customisable batch orders >100MW

Initial run will be 580W M10 n-type bifacial glass/glass with frame and 580W M10 n-type bifacial glass/transparent back sheet with frame.

Spec sheet 1

Spec sheet 2

At of Q3 2023, Pinto has HOTs for 100% of its supply for 2025 and 50% for 2026 to serve the neighbouring Sun Bear project site.

Solar Panel Farm8


Located in the four corners region on tribal lands our central US location in Colorado benefits from close proximity to many of the sunniest states in the US including Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and just 300miles from Texas (ERCOT).

Our panels will be made in the US and we will be prioritising the sourcing of suppliers which manufacture in the US.  This strategy will bring investment to the US and create jobs in remote communities and for the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.

Picture 1.png

Pinto Manufacture: 

Panels Manufactured (per annum)

Local Jobs Created

Green House Gas Saved (Tonnes/yr)

Recovered Carbon Black (Tonnes/yr)


Our partnership with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

The Pinto plant will be located at the heart of tribal lands in the Four Corners region of Colorado. This is possible thanks to Canigou’s strong relationship with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.

We named our facility Pinto to link our panels to the long history of the tribal heartlands in the west.The Pinto horse holds a special place in Ute Mountain Ute culture, representing strength, beauty, and a connection to the spiritual realm. These horses are wild and can be found in large herds on the Ute Mountain.

The Pinto factory will incorporate an Education and outreach centre to offer opportunities to the Ute Mountain Ute people. Pinto will create over 80 jobs in Colorado with most of these being based at the facility in Toawac.  The facility will also stimulate the local economy through operation & maintenance (O&M) contracts and apprenticeships.


In addition to the Pinto facilility, Canigou is developing a phased GW scale solar park called Sun Bear (located close to the Pinto manufacturing facility). Sun Bear is expected to offer apprentiships through its 2 year construction phase and provide opportunities for O&M related employment for the life of its 30+ yrs of operation.

Image by Unseen Studio
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