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JV Partnership with Acr

On the 31st March 2023, Canigou AM Ltd and ACR Energy Ltd entered into a joint venture to promote and develop both new and existing Anaerobic Digestion facilities in the UK and
Continental Europe.

30 Mar 2023

United Kingdom

Justin Passifeld, founder and director of the Canigou Group said on Friday: “At Canigou we are excited by the opportunity we have to work with AcrEnergy.  We wish to capitalise on the renewed opportunities within the Biogas industry in Europe, drawing on our combined knowledge of development and funding.  AcrEnergy broadens our capabilities in Anerobic Digestion and forging this JV complements our existing pipeline and skill sets.”

Daniel Scheven, Director at AcrEnergy said: “AcrEnergy see Canigou as an ideal partner to help promote, develop and finance the resurgent  Biogas industry across the UK and Europe.  We are at a stage of growth which is calling for such an aligned and ambitious partner. These are exciting times for both companies.” 

The JV bettween the two comapnies will hit the ground running with investment being put towards selection and development of sites within the UK, all focused on gas to grid technology and injection, using the incentive of the UK Green Gas Support Scheme.  This has helped contribute to the current strong growth within the Biogas sector.

About Canigou - Canigou finances, develops and operates renewable energy projects in Europe, North America and Australia. 

About AcrEnergy - AcrEnergy design, develop, operate and construct AD plants in the UK, Italy and Germany.


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